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Msc / Bsc

Technical Manager

As a Technical Manager, your mechanical expertise will be crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of production equipment such as filling and mixing lines, as well as support systems like heating and ventilation. By conducting thorough inspections and performing maintenance work, you will contribute to the overall efficiency of our facility, providing a sense of accomplishment. You can use your experience and skills to make this new position completely your own.

Your Position

As the Technical Manager, your work includes conducting regular walkthroughs of the facility to check equipment performance and address operational bottlenecks or concerns. With multiple maintenance requests coming from different departments or teams, you will evaluate the impact of each task on production, safety, or compliance to prioritise effectively. Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) such as equipment uptime, maintenance response time, and adherence to preventive maintenance schedules will guide your monitoring efforts and ensure optimal performance. 

Another essential responsibility as the Technical Manager is preventive maintenance planning. Drawing on your expertise, you will develop comprehensive plans to minimize downtime and ensure the smooth functioning of equipment and support systems. By implementing proactive maintenance strategies, you will identify potential issues early on, reducing the risk of costly breakdowns and optimizing operational efficiency. This includes creating schedules, conducting regular inspections, and coordinating maintenance activities with relevant teams. Your meticulous approach to preventive maintenance will contribute to the longevity and reliability of our equipment, ultimately supporting the seamless operation of our pharmaceutical production processes.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Preventive Maintenance Planning: Develop comprehensive plans for preventive maintenance, minimizing downtime and ensuring the smooth functioning of equipment and support systems.
  • Consolidation of Documentation: Centralize equipment and support systems documentation under the control of the Technical Department, streamlining accessibility and accuracy.
  • Technical Project Management: Manage technical projects approved by management, oversee their successful implementation within defined timelines and budgets.
  • Plant Improvement: Collaborate with management to identify opportunities for plant improvements, drive innovative solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Work Instructions and Documentation: Develop work instructions, logbooks, and qualification documents for machinery and equipment, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Coordination and Support: Maintain strong coordination with all department heads and staff, promptly addressing and resolving technical issues to minimize disruptions.
  • Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE): Conduct remedial work in a safe and healthy manner, adhering to HSE requirements to ensure the well-being of your team members.

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Your Employer

Interchemie has been a global leader in veterinary product manufacturing since 1979 and active in Estonia since 1999.. With a focus on quality and adherence to GMP and GMP+ guidelines, we supply veterinary medicines, nutritional products, and disinfectants to distributors across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle-East.

Our three advanced production facilities, equipped with 12 production lines, ensure the highest standards of injectables, oral liquids, and water-soluble powders. As we constantly research and develop new products, your expertise will contribute to the future health of animals.

Located in the scenic Viimsi peninsula near Tallinn, Estonia, our motivated team of 150 colleagues collaborates in an open and cooperative environment. Under new management, we emphasize ownership, involvement, and expertise, with our CEO actively engaging with departments to discuss challenges and goals.

Join our vision of safeguarding animal health and making a global impact. Bring your conscientiousness and dedication to our team of veterinary product professionals. Apply now to be part of Interchemie’s dynamic and forward-thinking workforce.

Roman Moiseikov

Maintenance Coordinator

"It is a great place to work. Interchemie is a fast growing company applying innovative approaches in daily tasks."

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  • Bonus on top of good salary
  • Highly skilled team and high quality resources
  • Interesting challenges with the biggest pharmaceutical producer in Estonia
  • Broad involvement and autonomy in the whole process
  • Growing and evolving organisation


  • A master or bachelor degree in Chemical Technology, Chemistry or Chemical Engineering,
  • Ideally some experience as a chemical technologist in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Full time available
  • Good Estonian and English skills

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