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Msc / Bsc

Vacancy Microbiologist

Join the Interchemie team as a microbiologist, a role central to our operational integrity. In our strictly regulated GMP and GMP+ environment, your meticulous skills in RT-PCR and qPCR techniques are essential for ensuring product safety and quality. You’ll become a valued member of a specialized team, where your methodical approach to microbiological control will be highly appreciated.


Welcome to a role where your microbiology expertise will be a cornerstone of our operations. Our lab adheres to established standards, ensuring consistent and reliable outcomes. You’ll occasionally collaborate with external partners, providing a balanced routine where your input on process improvements is valued.

Here, ‘ownership’ and ‘responsibility’ aren’t just terms; they are the foundations of your daily work. Your ability to work autonomously and maintain professional standards is essential.

Picture your day: it starts with confirming the microbial safety of our raw materials. Next, you’ll turn your attention to the manufacturing environment, verifying its sterility to preserve the integrity of our generic veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Your responsibilities range from the routine—such as consistent testing of raw materials—to the complex, like creating thorough protocols for contamination management. Every action is guided by its purpose, bringing systematic order to your varied tasks.

Your work extends beyond mere data collection. It involves insightful analysis and interpretation, which in turn informs operational refinements. If a contamination issue arises, your methodical approach ensures prompt and precise reporting.

Whether you have years of experience or a degree in a relevant field like Microbiology or Molecular Biology, this role promises professional growth within a stable environment. If you value exactitude and wish to contribute to a culture of consistent quality, we welcome your application.

Important tasks:

  • Ensuring that raw materials are free from microorganism contamination
  • Careful observation of the number and types of microorganisms present in the manufacturing environment
  • Making sure that finished products remain sterile and free from contamination (in sterile manufacturing) and within the agreed limits (for non-sterile manufacturing)
  • Testing how the product behaves in the event of contamination during its use in practice
  • Calibration and auditing of scientific equipment
  • Designing and implementing strategies to assess and control contamination
  • Running routine collection and testing of raw materials, samples from the manufacturing environment and/or the final product
  • Growing, monitoring and identifying microorganisms within cultures
  • Strict record keeping and storage of test result data
    Analysis and interpretation of test results
  • Reporting issues of contamination following strict protocols
  • Supervision of laboratory-based technicians

Employer Features

About Interchemie

Interchemie has been a global leader in veterinary product manufacturing since 1979 and active in Estonia since 1999.. With a focus on quality and adherence to GMP and GMP+ guidelines, we supply veterinary medicines, nutritional products, and disinfectants to distributors across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle-East.

Our three advanced production facilities, equipped with 12 production lines, ensure the highest standards of injectables, oral liquids, and water-soluble powders. As we constantly research and develop new products, your expertise will contribute to the future health of animals.

Located in the scenic Viimsi peninsula near Tallinn, Estonia, our motivated team of 150 colleagues collaborates in an open and cooperative environment. Under new management, we emphasise ownership, involvement, and expertise, with our CEO actively engaging with departments to discuss challenges and goals.

Join our vision of safeguarding animal health and making a global impact. Bring your conscientiousness and dedication to our team of veterinary product professionals. Apply now to be part of Interchemie’s dynamic and forward-thinking workforce.

Your Colleagues


  • Interesting challenges and a family-like company culture
  • Highly skilled team and quality resources
  • Broad involvement in the whole process


  • A degree in relevant studies (a field of Biology)
  • Experience as Microbiologist in (veterinary) pharmaceutical or in a lab
  • Proficient Estonian and English language skills

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