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Jumpstart your career with professional guidance and time for development. Learn to become a chemical technologist in the pharmaceutical industry. You’ll learn something that is high in demand so you will be certain of enough work in the future.

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If you are practical natured and you have an interest in chemistry then the position of chemical technologist suits you perfectly. You’ll fit right in with our expert team at the biggest Pharmaceutical producer of Estonia. We are well equipped and qualified to train you on the job. 

You’ll get enough time and space for development. Our senior colleagues all started as juniors someday. They will guide you through every step of your development towards a mature and independent technologist. Our tried and proven training methods will enable you to kickstart your career with hands-on experience and valuable competence. No other company in Estonia is better suited to offer you such a high quality career start. 

You will learn something that is in high demand in diverse industries around the world. As a Chemical Technologist, you are in high demand across a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, biotechnology, food and beverage and environmental science. They are sought after worldwide and your skills can open doors to international career opportunities. 

Becoming a chemical technologist equips you with a versatile skill set that includes practical laboratory techniques, process optimization, quality control, data analysis, and adherence to regulatory standards. These skills are highly transferable and can be applied across different roles and industries.

With experience and expertise, you can advance to positions such as senior chemical technologist, laboratory supervisor, quality control manager, process engineer, or even transition to roles in research and development. The knowledge and skills you gain as a chemical technologist can open doors to diverse and rewarding career paths.

Once you have fully grown into the position. You’ll be responsible for meticulously documenting each step in the production protocol, ensuring accurate records of batch numbers, raw material quantities, and process parameters. Adhering to GMP requirements and following established procedures, you’ll carefully handle raw materials based on the first-in, first-out principle and weigh and mix them precisely according to production protocols and recipes. 

Your role also includes stock accounting and supervision, collaborating with warehouse colleagues to maintain accurate inventory and availability. Additionally, you’ll perform equipment checks, monitoring the working condition of reactors, mixing tanks, and filtration equipment, and promptly addressing any deviations or abnormalities observed. 

Calibration of measurement devices and equipment will be part of your responsibilities, ensuring accuracy and reliability in critical parameter measurements. Throughout the production process, you’ll monitor critical process parameters such as temperature, pressure, pH, viscosity, flow rate, and concentration, recording and analysing data to identify and correct deviations. Your commitment to compliance, documentation, and maintaining open communication with the production manager will contribute to optimal process efficiency and product quality.

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Interchemie has been a global leader in veterinary product manufacturing since 1979 and active in Estonia since 1999.. With a focus on quality and adherence to GMP and GMP+ guidelines, we supply veterinary medicines, nutritional products, and disinfectants to distributors across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle-East.

Our three advanced production facilities, equipped with 12 production lines, ensure the highest standards of injectables, oral liquids, and water-soluble powders. As we constantly research and develop new products, your expertise will contribute to the future health of animals.

Located in the scenic Viimsi peninsula near Tallinn, Estonia, our motivated team of 150 colleagues collaborates in an open and cooperative environment. Under new management, we emphasize ownership, involvement, and expertise, with our CEO actively engaging with departments to discuss challenges and goals.

Join our vision of safeguarding animal health and making a global impact. Bring your conscientiousness and dedication to our team of veterinary product professionals. Apply now to be part of Interchemie’s dynamic and forward-thinking workforce.

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Regulatory Affairs Specialist

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  • Interesting challenges with the biggest Pharmaceutical producer in Estonia
  • Unique career opportunity
  • Highly skilled team and high quality resources
  • Growing and evolving organisation
  • Bonus on top of good salary


  • Preferably a master or bachelor degree in life sciences, such as Chemistry or chemical engineering.
  • Full time available
  • Good Estonian and English skills

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