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Msc / Bsc

Automation Engineer

As an Automation Engineer at Interchemie, you won’t just be maintaining systems—you’ll be conquering complex technical challenges. If PLC, HMI, and SCADA systems are the languages you speak, then you’ll find a fulfilling career with us. Your mission? Turn challenges into streamlined solutions that elevate our pharmaceutical veterinary production.

Your Position

Your workday is a blend of proactive planning and responsive action. The morning might start with preventative maintenance, where you troubleshoot and optimize a production line that has been falling behind its performance metrics. Perhaps an HMI panel is causing delays; your hands-on expertise allows you to swiftly identify the problem, reprogram the system, and get the line back to peak efficiency.

Around midday, you’re deeply involved in setting up new lines and components. With an eye for detail, you calibrate each piece of equipment, ensuring all elements communicate seamlessly. You rigorously test the setup, preemptively identifying potential bottlenecks before they can cause issues.

By early afternoon, you transition into project mode. You may be spearheading or participating in improvement projects aimed at modernizing some of our facility’s infrastructure. Whether it’s enhancing PLC code logic, designing new SCADA system dashboards, or working on a cross-departmental project to refine data accuracy, your role is instrumental.

Before the day concludes, you spend time on administrative tasks that many might overlook but you know are essential—such as updating operational documentation and ensuring all changes meet compliance standards. Finally, you catch up with the Quality and Production departments. Here you confirm that the day’s work has not just met but exceeded the internal protocols and industry regulations, setting new benchmarks for tomorrow.

Key Responsibilities:

  • System Optimization: Utilize your analytical mindset to perform precise calibrations on PLC and HMI systems, ensuring each production line is fine-tuned for maximum efficiency. Your attention to detail is key.


  • Equipment Setup: With a hands-on approach, meticulously set up, calibrate, and validate new components and systems to ensure seamless operation. You don’t just install; you optimize.


  • Project Involvement: Take charge of or actively contribute to projects aimed at technological advancements. Your input is more than technical expertise; it’s visionary leadership.


  • Cross-Departmental Alignment: Your role isn’t siloed; it’s part of a bigger picture. Work cohesively with various departments, aligning your actions with the broader organizational goals. Your communication is precise, factual, and aims for synergy.


  • Operational Documentation: Uphold high standards in maintaining up-to-date operational records. This isn’t mere paperwork; it’s safeguarding the integrity of the whole operation.

Employer Features

Your Employer

Interchemie has been a global leader in veterinary product manufacturing since 1979 and active in Estonia since 1999.. With a focus on quality and adherence to GMP and GMP+ guidelines, we supply veterinary medicines, nutritional products, and disinfectants to distributors across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle-East.

Our three advanced production facilities, equipped with 12 production lines, ensure the highest standards of injectables, oral liquids, and water-soluble powders. As we constantly research and develop new products, your expertise will contribute to the future health of animals.

Located in the scenic Viimsi peninsula near Tallinn, Estonia, our motivated team of 150 colleagues collaborates in an open and cooperative environment. Under new management, we emphasize ownership, involvement, and expertise, with our CEO actively engaging with departments to discuss challenges and goals.

Join our vision of safeguarding animal health and making a global impact. Bring your conscientiousness and dedication to our team of veterinary product professionals. Apply now to be part of Interchemie’s dynamic and forward-thinking workforce.

Roman Moiseikov

Maintenance Coordinator

"It is a great place to work. Interchemie is a fast growing company applying innovative approaches in daily tasks."

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  • Bonus on top of good salary
  • Highly skilled team and high quality resources
  • Interesting challenges with the biggest pharmaceutical producer in Estonia
  • Glasses compensation and sporting opportunities
  • Growing and evolving organisation


  • Higher education in electricity, mechatronics, automation or mechanics (or secondary education + professional work experience)
  • Full time available
  • Good Estonian, English and Russian skills

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