Interview with Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Meet Uku Rooni

Uku starts in may as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist in our facility at Tallinn, Estonia. 

What would you like to tell potential new colleagues?

Don’t be shy to contact! Give opportunities a chance to evolve into something more.

How did you experience your application at Interchemie?

It went rather smoothly. To begin, thanks to detailed job ad, I was quite confident that this position could be something for me. While preparing for the job interview, I realised that I could actually benefit from my previous experience as a toxicologist in the field of pesticides. Eventually, I was excited to get the employment offer.

Can you tell a little bit about your background and study?

I am a biologist by training. I defended my MSc thesis in University of Tartu in 2014. This was an exciting research topic about stress hormones in passerine feathers. Nevertheless, I wasn’t sure about academic career and headed to Australia for 2 years of work and travel. Once back, I landed on a toxicologist position in public sector.

We are very happy to welcome you as a colleague. Why did you choose to enforce Interchemie?

Based on my work experience I was keeping an eye on Regulatory Affairs Specialist and similar job ads. Job at Interchemie was a great match to my search criteria – new and inspiring field, competitive work environment and development opportunities.

What were your impressions of our Viimsi location? (and as a biology scientist?)

I had been to the Viimsi peninsula a few times before, but this was many years back. While driving there this time, I was impressed with the amount of forested area that close to the capital Tallinn! A lovely green neighbourhood. Definitely worth a trip to discover the birdlife.