Interview with our Maintenance Coordinator

Meet Roman Moiseikov

What is it like to work for Interchemie?

I enjoy working here, the company is like a big family, people are friendly and tasks are ambitious. Overall, the working environment is cool which makes me feel optimistic and involved.


How would you describe Interchemie as an employer?

It is a great place to work. Interchemie is a fast growing company applying innovative approaches in daily tasks.


Why did you choose to work for Interchemie?

The reason why I chose to work here is that I can see myself growing professionally in this company. Every job I’ve had since graduating has been related to technical work, be it in automatisation, maintenance, or management. I believe I can apply all the skills I’ve acquired so far to the role of maintenance coordinator for the organization.


In your work, what gives you the most satisfaction?

My greatest satisfaction is when a machine is not working properly and I can make it work perfectly, or when I am able to optimize the process in a way to decrease the company’s costs.


What can you tell possible new colleagues about the position of technical supervisor? 

Maintenance coordinator is a very interesting job, where the work is very diverse, and every day is different. You need a broad vision to solve problems. Well, if you have technical acumen, if you can determine from the sounds produced by a machine whether it operates perfectly or needs attention; if manuals and technical documentation are your desk books, then you surely have to try yourself as a technical specialist at Interchemie. 😊